Our Advantage

Approach What you expect Our Solution
Newspaper Ads
You have no guarantee that you will reach qualified individuals. We guarantee the delivery of gainfully employed individuals open and receptive to your job opportunity.
Web Posting
You will face the cumbersome task of screening through potentially thousands of applicants. Candidates exclusive to your opportunity.
Head Hunters
The majority of applicants are actively looking for employment without exclusively seeking your opportunity. Everyone is prescreened to meet your specific criteria.
Executive Recruiting

A financial burden of costly fees with no guarantee of reaching qualified candidates.

No time commitment on your behalf
Personnel Agencies

Agencies offer minimal guarantees after hire is secured.

Work with your dedicated Account Executive and Recruiting personnel to optimize results.

Job Fairs

Time consuming preparations that can tie up many employee hours without sufficient qualified applicant turn out.

Tens of thousands of dollars are drained each year from company's budgets to host an event without strong success rates.

Personalized Service


Knowledgeable and highly qualified recruiters

Why we are different?  
  • We have strong candidate database on banking services sector, which can provide fast and appropriate match right at your time line.
  • Our strong recruitment expertise can ensure you that our quality of service is consistently high and that our entire network works in the best interest of our clients and candidates whether they be global financial institutions or locally based candidates.
  • All consultants at BRS undertake a thorough and comprehensive training programme to ensure our company can effectively and professionally represent both clients and candidates.
  • Unlike many competitors, our candidates are not owned by individual consultants, meaning that our recruiters have access to the whole database in an unbiased way.
  • It has become increasingly important that the providers of temporary and contract staff can demonstrate to both clients and candidates the ability to adopt in changing business environment. BRS can provide to you with both specialization and customization.
  • With our comprehensive database, you can obtain market pay trend and benefits package information in your recruitment process.
  • We are not focused on simply putting 'bums on seats'. People are the life-blood of our business and as an organization we are committed to developing a deep understanding of the needs of both our clients and candidates.

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